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Security findemental (contract security guard service selection Essay - 2

Security findemental (contract security guard service selection exercise) - Essay Example arm to another person, making threatening remarks, damaging the property of other employees or employer with intent, possessing a weapon while conducting company business or within business premises. Others include hostile or aggressive behavior that creates reasonable fear of injury to other people or subject them to emotional distress, and committing acts related to, or motivated by, domestic violence or sexual harassment (Kim 169). The most vulnerable employees to the risk factors are those working in the public setting, including those working late at night or in the early morning hours, in small groups, in uncontrolled access environments open to other employees and the public, and other areas of previous concern that include the community and workplace settings (Hess 262). Any potentially dangerous situation should be reported to the human resource department or security supervisor at once. Reporting may be anonymously, with all reported incidents subject to thorough investigations. Incidents or reports that warrant confidentiality will receive the required appropriateness and information disseminated to others on a need-to-know basis only. There will be counseling on all parties involved as well as discussion of the findings of the investigation. The company shall actively intervene at the slightest indication of a possibly violent or hostile indication (IFPO 287). The most viable solution is worksite analysis, with mangers and supervisors being familiar with the temporary and permanent worksites of employees to enable sound decision-making options. The worksite analysis should enable the supervisors, managers, employees, and law enforcement to gather information concerning the potential risks or the possibility of the community’s experience in a particular criminal rash. Managers and supervisors should seek to identify employee environment that poses risks and threats, and address them specifically as risk factors. The working environment is uniquely

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What Do You Write About When Writing an Essay About Happiness?

What Do You Write About When Writing an Essay About Happiness?The first question many students ask after they finish their school career is about what do you write about when writing an essay about happiness? Well, let's be honest. Most people in this day and age are not very interested in making a substantial contribution to their academic career.Well, that's just the reality. And that's why they look at the essay writing process as an amateur endeavour that will bring them little reward. And you can see that is precisely what is happening in most of the courses these days where students don't look at writing an essay as a special occasion that can enhance their career.They just sit in the lecture hall and sit there day after day - without any regard for how their writing will be interpreted by the professor. Or they submit their writing to the instructor with no idea of how it will be accepted or not. So when it comes to what do you write about when writing an essay about happiness - you have to change your attitude.Well, first of all you have to do something about it. That is the first step. It's never too late to start thinking about writing an essay about happiness.I know you have to pay the bills these days and paying the bills can only mean one thing - starting to take a realistic approach. As such, it's high time that you start reading a lot more novels, play scripts, even news on the internet about the world - everything you could think of can make a difference.Reading these things can open your eyes and give you a new perspective. And the same thing applies with the essays. Read the essay writing about happiness so that you can get an idea of what the professors expect from you.If you startby thinking about what you would like to achieve then it's easier to plan your essay in such a way that you can achieve the goal in the shortest possible time. You can also be sure that the essay writing about happiness is not a waste of time and in fact it will be appreciated by the professor and will bring you a good grade in the course.

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Philippine American history Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Philippine American history - Research Paper Example Existing studies are branded as â€Å"sketchy, superficial, and flawed in their methodology as well as their assumptions. Lamenting this neglect in the literature, the Filipinos ought to be considered as â€Å"forgotten Asian Americans† that â€Å"very little significant has been considered on them† and that in this group there is â€Å"no history, no nothing†. The institutional invisibility of the Filipinos and Philippines is considered to be connected to the historical amnesia as well as the self-erasure of the United States colonization of the Philippines and associated imperialism. From a cultural perspective, the academic neglect of the Filipinos results from the erroneous assumptions on the lack of authentic indigenous culture from the Philippines. This echoes the contention considered by researchers and anthropologists ignoring the group because they are considered to be â€Å"too westernized with no culture of their own.† Thus, this suggests that the history of Filipinos ought to be well understood within the context of the colonial and postcolonial associations exis ting between the united states and the Philippines (Lee, 366). Filipino Americans started settling after the Philippines were accepted as a territory of the United Kingdom in 1898. The Filipinos arrived as labors for the domestic and agricultural plantations as well as students. By 1930, the number of the Filipinos numbered to 45,026. Since then the population has grown tremendously. In 1970, the number of Filipinos was estimated to be 336,731, and it has numbered at least seven times to 2.4 million today making up almost 1 percent of the national population in the United States (Liu et al., 233). The Filipinos population is composed of the native Japanese and Hawaii population and the Hapas, who constitute at least 22 percent of the Filipino population in America. Due to the integration of the

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How Many Words For a College Essay - Put Your Best Foot Forward

How Many Words For a College Essay - Put Your Best Foot ForwardWriting a college essay is an important step in your education and career planning, so you need to prepare yourself with the right writing method. It can be done through preparation, by practice and also through professional help.Whether you are studying for a high school or college, preparing for a college essay is one of the most important skills that you need to develop. It will help you save time when it comes to getting the right degree. There are other skills that you need to develop such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and organization.As mentioned, grammar is one of the basic composition skill that you need to develop. It is very important to know what is right and what is wrong in order to become a professional writer. This includes learning the correct usage of the English language and correct punctuation.Writing a college essay is also about organization. You will find that there are certain key points that y ou need to include in your essay and these are the topic, the points, the introduction, conclusion and the body. If you have questions, you can find the answers in the section of the paper that explains what your conclusion will be.Good essay writers are able to convey the essence of the research easily and effectively. However, this can be complicated if the essay requires the usage of words and its proper use and construction.The best thing to do in order to ensure that you write a good essay is to ask for professional help. It can be done at the beginning of your college or high school studies. A good writing coach can help you in finding the best ways to use and to plan the structure of your college essay.With all the tips above, you can easily learn how to write a good college essay. It is important to choose the right format and type of writing and learn to be organized.

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The Idiots Manual to National Government Research Paper Topics Explained

The Idiot's Manual to National Government Research Paper Topics Explained This isn't a just-an-essay-to-make because you're referring to a government issue. Nobody has ever known as the structure of American government simple! Do not talk about the presidential election approach. Comparison and analysis of both key parties in the usa government. Get the Scoop on National Government Research Paper Topics Before You're Too Late The argument in the persuasive essay has to be sound in reasoning and offer strong evidence to back up the writer's position on the subject. Before you commence writing a single word of your paper, you first will need to understand what your thesis will be. This is a question related to your topic that serves as a guide during your research, permitting you to focus and offer unique arguments. It's important that you know the several nuances of a topic if you would like to raise proper arguments and find decent support in their opinion. As soon as you share the directions, professional writers are prepared to get down to work asap. A Secret Weapon for National Government Research Paper Topics It should sum up the primary views expressed and permit the reader form the last impression of the specific text. However, to have a high score for your work, you must make your topic interesting. The topic needs to be relevant to the class work. A good deal of foreigners are always asking why can we have a good deal of good singers. While you have little time and the sum of pages, it's crucial not to bite more than you can chew. The ideal thing about our writing service is you can offer a whole description and get it written exactly the direction you require it. Although it is but one of the things which are needed by men and women, it's not readily reasonably priced. With everyone complaining about unemployment, the government has created an effort to attempt to lower this. These are a few areas that the government is controlling. You might need to write something about a specific program or law in connection to the assistance that the government provides. Choose a specific event in the specific country in a given time and study it thoroughly. The outcome is a sort of asymmetrical partnership of the middle and the regional communities. This can seem like an impossible feat if you're handling the well-worn subject matter, especially in a discipline like history wherever your topic may well have occurred hundreds of years back. If you're writing about social problems, you will typically be writing about the way the topic affects larger groups of people, like how poverty affects a whole generation. Education has turned into a necessity in the world that we live in. As a historian you should interrogate your sources and ask the essential questions. What follows is an extensive collection of the most fascinating research topics to have you started. The writer ought to choose a topic that could be shown in a great debate competition. It is an impossible task to compose an abstract research paper since this kind of article always touches on a particular topic and supplies a true search for optimal methods of solving a specific issue. However, a great topic isn't sufficient to compose a paper of top quality. A paper is always simpler to write if you're interested in the subject, and you will be more motivated to do in-depth research and compose a paper that truly covers the full subject. To write a great research proposal on local government, it would be helpful to get familiar with free examples research paper topics on the discipline. As soon as you have that narrowed down, you can concentrate your research and compose a remarkable paper. Select the topic that you locate the most fascinating and conduct some preliminary research to come up with your thesis and your outline. Details of National Government Research Paper T opics Whether they go together with the standard human rights, it's for you to investigate. The effect of climbing the funds reduces the cumulative impacts of the financial loan. Researching any issue about government or laws can get overwhelming because of the intricacy of the issues and even due to the wording of some laws. Pick one particular thing about the U.S. Constitution including its amendments that you believe ought to be changed.

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A Simple Trick for Write about Your Experience Writing Your First Essay Revealed

A Simple Trick for Write about Your Experience Writing Your First Essay Revealed Work experience is just one of the main qualities of the applicant in the labor industry. Kindergarten was a totally new experience for me due to the change in the surroundings. It is also crucial for students as soon as it comes to English Language examinations. Likewise lots of students feel as they must write about a big life event or their most impressive achievement. The Death of Write about Your Experience Writing Your First Essay The next thing to do is to go through your suggestions and determine which one is going to result in the strongest essay. You will remember to go over any critical points in your essay in case you have a program. For the very first part, you will always be requested to compose an essay, as it's the sole option provided. There aren't many techniques to learn to compose a very first class essay. Rather than various kinds of papers you might have written in years past a reflective essay isn't based on certainties or examinations. Essays are generally short pieces written from an author's individual viewpoint about a subject. A reflective essay is a sort of paper in which you're expected to learn more about the material that you read or visualized. Let's go through the vital actions which will help you turn an outstanding topic into an important essay. A personal essay may be even referred to as a life experience essay and can be challenging to write for many students. You're not writing an actual travel essay if you are not describing, as clearly and honestly as possible, yourself in the area you visited. The Pain of Write about Your Experience Writing Your First Essay After that, examine the essay again, line by line, checking every word to ensure that it's accurate. No matter the content, it's probably short and vague. Fortunately, you can learn how to craft an amazing essay if it is possible to follow the normal pattern and write in a very clear and organized way. Next, you will determine the way to make an intriguing essay that shows off your distinctive perspective and write several drafts to be able to hone your structure and language. Divide your essay into paragraphs to ensure it is clear and simple to read. Your essay has to be free from errors like spelling mistakes and wrong grammar. TheA introduction ofA it needs to let the reader know theA nature of what you will be describing and your point of view. Persuasive or argumentative essays are intended to convince the audience of ones viewpoint about a specific topic. A Startling Fact about Write about Your Experience Writing Your First Essay Uncovered It's very clear that in order to get the sort of excellent assistance that can help you study and create the grade, you desire a top-notch customized paper writing service. Our custom writing company gives unique custom written papers at affordable prices. Check whether the business offers writing narrative essays and determine the price per page. Frequently the application will subsequently visit a third personif there isn't any decision that's agreed uponand it will visit the committee. Always make a brief plan before you commence writing. Click the purchase button and soon you'll have a personal writer and you will observe first-hand how much quicker your work can be accomplished. Think about the experience that was the most challenging or monumental. Before you create a research about ways to compose a very first class essay, you should remember that the ideas have to be shown in clear and very reasonable way. When you plan your essay and jot down the points you're likely to talk about in your draft, you are going to have lot of points to discuss. The very first impression not only comprises the method of dressing, but in addition the way an individual speaks and carries himself. If you decide to speak about someone or work that inspired you, make certain that you don't only write about said person or workplace. If someone, as an example, is in their very own world and doesn't initiate a conversation and doesn't smile in a party where it's required to ming le, it might be because maybe the man or woman isn't well enough or have a critical trouble in the family.

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Process control Essay Example for Free

Process control Essay Process control is a major factor in ensuring that a process is working to its maximum potential. Sometimes process control means that one must conduct research to see how a process improvement can be implemented. Process improvement normally results in adjusting and modifying particular tasks or steps in a process to make them run more efficiently and smoothly. According to Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilliano, it is very important to put metrics in place so that you can determine if improvements are needed for a particular process (Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilliano, 2006). Over the last five weeks, I have observed the task of getting ready for work. After collecting data for analysis, I have enough information to develop a process improvement plan. In this paper, the control limits will be reviewed and any applicable seasonal factors that could impact the historical data will be discussed. Control Limits In an article in the Journal of Science and Technology, a control chart is described as â€Å"a statistical devise used for the study and control of a repetitive process† (Radhakrishnan and Balamurugan, 2010, p 1052). The control chart is a tool used with 6 sigma to look at ways to improve the performance of a particular process. They basically let management know when they should adjust a process or when we should leave it alone. It has upper specification limits (USL) that are used to identify the maximum amount of that could give acceptable performance. Also there is the lower specification limit (LSL), which identifies the lowest amount that could give acceptable performance of the process. The USL and LSL are also known as the control limits that are either 3 deviations above the mean or 3 deviations below it (Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilliano, 2006). In developing a control chart for the process for getting ready for work, one must first look at the sampling plan. For weeks, data has been collected during business days to indicate how long it takes to get ready for work. This data is reviewed to find the mean, median, standard deviation, and mode. The results are as follows: mean is 74. 70588, median is 74, mode is 71, and standard deviation is 3. 981792. This information tells us that the average time it takes to get ready is 74 minutes, whereas the time occurring the most is 71 minutes. The standard deviation in this indicates that we can go either 3. 98 to the right or left of the zero probability distribution. The chapter readings advise that in looking at the control chart, one can assume that the process is working properly when the samples stay within the control limits (Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilliano, 2006). The next indicator to look at is the capability index, which in this case shows us how well we are doing in getting ready for work in a timely manner. The readings indicates that the more off-center the capability index, the higher the chance to of defective products. Because we are not discussing products in this process, it would be the greater the chance to get off schedule (Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilliano, 2006). The data indicates that there is a capability index of -8. 6. According to Landauer, the capability index is interpreted as: â€Å"1) if the capability index is less than one, the process is outside the control limits 2) if it is greater than one; the process is within the control limits. The results from my data at first was a little puzzling because the index of -8. 6 would indicate that the process is outside of the control limit and would need to be adjusted. However, because the process improvement plan is to decrease the time it takes to get ready for work, the negative number is a good factor. In having this information handy, one must also consider how seasonal factors impact the process. Seasonal Factors It is a little difficult to determine seasonal factors that could impact the time it takes to get ready for work. After thinking about this a while I think the biggest impact could be daylight saving time. When an hour of sleep is lost in the Spring, it takes a while to adjust to the change in the daylight saving time. In fact, research indicates that when one transitions into and out of daylight saving time, there could be negative impacts (Lahti, Leppamaki, Lonnqvist, and Partonen, 2008). These impacts could result in a loss of sleep, restlessness, and lack of sleep quality which could result in crankiness and negatively impact a two year old. If my son does not wake with a positive attitude, I know it will be a challenge getting ready for work on time as I would need to devote more time calming him down. During the seasonal periods, it may be better to implement process improvements like adding a resource to assist with the process. In my process this would mean getting my husband to help out more in getting the baby ready for daycare. With the added resource, one can shorten the time that it takes to complete the process and does not run the risk of deviating off course. Applying this same format to a production process could mean adding more employees, equipment, or even outsourcing to ensure that a project or process is completed timely. Conclusion Overall, control charts are visual measures that assist with determining if a process is in control or not. When backed by statistical data like the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and capability index, one could gather enough data so that a process improvement decisions necessary for keeping the process in control can be made.